Zannini Headquarters
Zannini Group is market leader on the field of production of turned metal components and mechanical precision machining covering several industry sectors, such as automotive and household appliances, and produces high precision mechanical components for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
With the four plants located in Italy (named Zannini Spa in Castelfidardo, Foglia Srl in Osimo and Meccanica Veneta in Padova) and in Poland (Zannini Poland Sp.Zo.o. in Czeladz), the market of the group is represented from bigger European and American players in several industrial sectors
R&D department carry out several projects mainly focused on green evolution of manufacturing processes, development of flexible manufacturing cells and multitasking evolution of traditional manufacturing processes.

The Zannini use case will focus on the production of sleeves for hydraulic electro valves: such production is located in the plant of Zannini Poland Spzoo in Czeladz and is divided into several machining and finishing operations.
GO0D MAN will enable defect detection at each stage of the process through the correlation of the real time data analytics and the machine parameters. For this reason, GO0D MAN aims to increase the quality of the machined parts and the Cpk by deploying cyber-physical agents capable of autonomously adapting process parameters to process variations (tool wear, temperature, etc.). Tool wear will be monitored by measuring on-line tooling forces, so to compensate dimensional drift and prevent tool failure and trigger condition based maintenance. Moreover, new test equipment and measurement techniques will be introduced to verify the result of machining and cleaning operations and to apply the multi satge quality control strategy.

The main expected results of the GO0D MAN solution integration is a reduction of production costs, as a consequence of the reduction of scraps and the increased process capability index (Cpk) in the final rework time and therefore an increase in productivity.