Volkswagen Autoeuropa Headquarters
 Volkswagen Autoeuropa is an automotive industry located in Portugal and a production plant of Volkswagen Group. It manufactures the Sharan, Alhambra and Scirocco models for VW and the Alhambra for Seat, another brand of the VW Group. Volkswagen Autoeuropa plays a strategic role in the Portuguese automotive industry as it is the largest automotive manufacturing facility in the country and is responsible for around 10% of all Portuguese exportations.
The plant is one of Europe’s most modern automotive production facilities. It was designed using advanced technology and continuous to incorporate the latest developments in automation and computerised production control, in order to meet the high standards required on manufacturing a quality product.

volkswagen-productionThe GO0D MAN project will focus on the assembly and testing operations located in the final assembly line at Palmela plant.
The GO0D MAN project intends to exploit the data management based on the measurements distributed along the final assembly line and correlate the data with the one provided by the area where similar controls are performed. A new non-contact tool will be developed in order to increase the number of non contact controls distributed along the line.
The acquired data will be processed locally in order to inform the operator about the product’s status. Moreover, this information will be sent to the GO0D MAN platform, in order to avoid any unnecessary measurements or repairing operations in the following assembly stages.
The data will be also correlated with data coming from previous processes in order to detect potential process deviation at an early stage.

The expected results of the GO0D MAN solution integration is a time reduction in the final rework time and therefore an increase in productivity.