Electrolux Professional Headquarters
Electrolux Professional is a leading global manufacturer of appliances and equipment for professional use capable of offering a high variety of models to fulfill the customers’ needs and requirements.
Headquartered in Italy, the Company is controlled by the Swedish AB Electrolux, which is a global manufacturer in the appliances sector. With the highest R&D investment in its sector, Electrolux Professional is committed to thoughtful innovation.
One of the most important targets of the Company is to design products with lower environmental impact and energy saving and in actions to improve safety of employees.
The selected scenario for the GO0D MAN project is the assembly line of professional ovens at Vallenoncello Plant (Italy).
The ovens, among appliances, are advanced technological appliances in the kitchen and are very different one from another to meet different customers’ demands (from exclusive restaurants to fast food and takeaways). Currently, in Vallenoncello Plant three lines are dedicated to the oven assembly, accordingly to the model, from the most complex as combi series (hot air and/or steam cooking technology) to the simplest one (gas/electric).
All the lines are composed of several manual or semi-automatic assembly workstations, ending with the final quality test.

The GO0D MAN project is a good opportunity to introduce new methods and concepts to manage and optimize quality checks directly in early and multi-stage phases, one for each specific oven modules. The decentralized testing, instead of the final one, would allow a fast and real time defect/malfunction detection, preventing the propagation of them in the main assembly line. This procedure will save costs and time in product reworking after the final tests as currently happens. Specific and simpler on-line inspection tools will be also developed to move from some manual checks to digital ones and to achieve a higher efficiency in testing performances.
All the data and results for the multi-stage testing will be collected and elaborated by the integration of the GO0D MAN cyber-physical software architecture, to achieve a fully traceability of the assembled components/modules quality performance. These data can be also matched with testing data provided directly by the components suppliers, and used to analyzed the quality feedbacks coming from the final test and/or from customers’ site maintenance service.

The expected results of the GO0D MAN solution integration is a time reduction in the final testing and the optimization of the final testing area, to increase the productivity and drastically reduce the Not Right First Time.