The GO0D MAN project will last 36 months (Sept 1, 2016 – Aug 31, 2019) and it is organised in 11 Work-Packages (WP).


  • WP1 is a key work package for setting unified requirements, KPIs, methodologies and rules in order to reach the zero-defect target
  • WP2, WP3 and WP4 constitute the technological foundation of the GO0D MAN project
    • WP2 provides the distributed multi-agent infrastructure for integrating process and quality controls in a multi-stage production
    • WP3 creates new smart on-line inspection tools for monitoring processes and products quality
    • WP4 implements a data-analytics-driven approach for the ZDM
  • WP5 deals with the question how to migrate the existing manufacturing environments. First of all, the results coming from the previous WPs will be harmonized and integrated. Then the migration of the three industrial use cases will be planned, controlled and refined. WP5 acts as a global synchronization point in order to avoid diverging implementations of the GO0D MAN system.
  • The WP6, WP7 and WP8 are specifically devoted to the use cases. The deployment and the validation of the GO0D MAN system in such different production environments proves the applicability and the transferability of the proposed technologies, methods and concepts.
  • WP9 is completely devoted to the exploitation activity for the importance of having a clear and well defined exploitation plan for maximizing the impact.
  • WP10 is dedicated to the dissemination and standardization activities, which will be actively pursued throughout the project.
  • WP11 covers project management and coordination.