volkswagenVolkswagen Autoeuropa is an automotive industry located in Portugal (Palmela) and a production plant of Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen Autoeuropa plays a strategic role in the Portuguese automotive industry as it is the largest automotive manufacturing facility in the country and is responsible for around 10% of all Portuguese exportations. volkswagen-autoeuropa-headquarters
The plant employs around 3600 workers and, indirectly, it employs close to 8000 people through the more than 800 suppliers that provide materials, components and parts to the facility.
The plant is one of Europe’s most modern automotive production facilities. It was designed using advanced technology and continuous to incorporate the latest developments in automation and computerised production control, in order to meet the high standards required on manufacturing a quality product.


Role in the project
Volkswagen Autoeuropa is involved as Industry Partner and end user. In order to demonstrate the GO0D MAN concept, it will be responsible for defining testing scenarios and acceptance criteria for Volkswagen Autoeuropa use case.

Gisela Garcia