nissatechNissatech is a six-year old, innovation-driven SME with strong international cooperation and vision to become East European leader in developing advanced IT solutions for real-time processing to be used in various industries and businesses. The main objective is to develop own technological building blocks through an efficient implementation of the cutting-edge research and their usage for resolving very challenging real-world problems in different domains. Building blocks enable Nissatech the flexibility in providing heterogeneous solutions, ensure the scalability and support continual improvement of our technologies.
Well-recognized technology provider for mobile (semantic) data processing, complex event processing (CEP) and real-time big data analytics, current innovation focus is on dynamic event processing networks that support early detection of complex situations in a global context, which can be used for developing proactive big data architecture (combining real-time and batch processing).
The application domains range from wearables-based eHealth (remote patient monitoring), through IoT-driven intelligent transportation till Cyber-Physical Production systems (flexible manufacturing), with the main focus on creating dynamically responsive systems that can sense and respond timely (or even ahead of time). Nissatech also offers end-to-end software services for real-time monitoring, local processing (Edge) and efficient data transfer to the server (Cloud) and complex big data processing/analytics in order to get useful recommendations for managing monitored entities (closed control loop).
In the big data domain is specialized in efficient hybrid approaches (e.g. lambda architecture) that combine processing data at rest and data on move, creating a foundation for a novel architecture for dynamic-big-data processing. One of the most frequently used services is the massive anomaly detection service, a scalable, Map-Reduce-based unsupervised clustering that helps in detecting outliers in real-time data streams and discovering their root-causes. It supports the big-data-driven improvement of underlying business models.
Recently it started work on providing wearables-based business solutions, focusing mainly on improving workers performances and safety using smart watches.
Based on positive experiences from developing innovative IT services, the company has developed its own methodology for successfully bringing innovative solutions to market, which is very suitable for the exploitation of the results in research projects. This is one of the strategic orientations of the company.
Nissatech participates actively in the work of industry-oriented communities, currently focusing on Big Data (BDVA member) and Manufacturing (FML member).


Role in the project
The main tasks performed in the project consist in supporting the realization of the data-driven Quality Control, based on the prior work in big data analytic (esp. anomaly detection), supporting the development of the ZDM Framework and the exploitation activities, esp. for the concept of data-driven quality control.

Nenad Stojanovic