logo-jpgLoccioni integrate ideas, people and technologies in developing measurement and control automatic systems to improve products, processes and buildings quality, efficiency and sustainability.

loccioni-headquartersThe commitment is measuring for improving, thus helping all those who realize products or offer services to do it in the best way, saving time, money and respecting the environment. Clients and partners are the world leaders in their markets, from Automotive to Home Appliance, from Environment to Health Care. The market is global, with installations in more than 40 countries in the world.
Three are the subsidiaries: in Calw (Germany), College Park MD (USA) and Shangai (China)
Among the 400 employees, about 40 young researchers, professionals and scientists are dedicated to the development of cross solutions by integrating new technologies and then transferring them to the reference markets, always maintaining the strain towards the continuous improvement at very high levels.
This interdisciplinary knowledge ecosystem is connected to the international research community, developing cognitive-creative systems for people and planet.
European, National and in-house research projects allow to meet future needs of industry and society and to improve the role of enterprises and their performance. The making of the future, through advanced technological process in a sustainable production environment, is the challenge.

Robotics,  advanced sensing, artificial intelligence and energy management; data analysis, cyber physical systems, internet of things and the beauty of well-done things. These are the new frontiers of measurement and quality control in Loccioni.

Role in the Project
Loccioni is responsible for the Coordination of the project. Its skills and expertise in the definition of the Quality Control functions and data management in production environment, along with the deep knowledge of the production line environment at factory level, are the reasons of the involvment in the architecture definition, its implementation and the validation of the GO0D MAN prototypes. Loccioni is also asked to constribute to exploitation and dissemination activities, in order to apply the results of the GO0D MAN project to different sectors and enlarge the scenarios for application of the GO0D MAN agent-based CPS technology.

Cristina Cristalli