ipb_2The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança – IPB is a Portuguese Polytechnic Higher Education institution, founded in 1983.
IPB is currently divided into five schools, embracing a wide area of knowledge and technology, including agriculture sciences, arts and sports, education and teachers training, informatics and engineering, administration and management, health, and tourisipb-headquarters m. Nowadays, the IPB offers over 100 short-first cycle courses, bachelor programmes and master programmes, all according to the Bologna Declaration. Since these areas of teaching and research have been strongly developed over the last years, the Institute has witnessed a parallel growth of its student population, reaching the number of 7,000, with 12% of international students.
As a result of a strategy to encourage further advanced studies undertaken by its members, IPB has presently the most qualified academic staff of the Portuguese polytechnic system (the highest number of professors holding a PhD degree per total number of staff), and an external recognition of its research activities, including a wide number of research projects and the existence of three research units of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) hosted in the IPB.

IPB belongs to the group of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Europe, focused on the transferability of professional skills and the integration of applied research in their professional and technological education mission.


Role in the project
IPB will mainly contribute with its knowledge and experience in the domain of multi-agent systems applied to industrial applications, and particularly to cyber-physical systems, by defining and developing the modular multi-agent system architecture. IPB will also work on the integration of data analysis techniques in the multi-agent system and the development of the use cases prototypes. Additionally, it will participate actively in the dissemination and standardization activities.

Paulo Leitao