electrolux_logo_master_blue_rgbElectrolux Professional is a world leader in total solutions for professional food service and laundry equipment, distributed to large customers such as hotels, large corporations, vessels and cruise ships, airlines, hospitals, event and convention centres or the food industry.
Headquartered in Italy, the Company is controlled by the Swedish AB Electrolux, which is a global manufacturer in the appliances sector.

electrolux-headquartersWith the highest R&D investment in its sector, Electrolux Professional is committed to thoughtful innovation, helping its partners to win with their customers, for the consumer. The innovative products meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Together, they become highly efficient systems that guarantee excellent results, productivity, hygiene and low operating cost.

Electrolux Professional products include stoves, ovens, refrigeration, dishwashing and food preparation equipment, washers, dryers, and ironers sold under esteemed brands such as Electrolux, Molteni, Zanussi Professional. One of the most important targets of the Company is to design products with lower environmental impact and energy saving and in actions to improve safety of employees, in order to be a part of a sustainable society.
Electrolux Professional was among the very first in Europe to be certified ISO14001 and its products are recyclable up to 95%.


Role in the GO0DMAN project
Electrolux Professional is one of the three case studies of the project, contributing to define the industrial requirements for the built up of a zero-defect solution for its manufacturing lines and the whole sector.
The elaboration and definition of the user scenario includes a real application for the assessment and validation of the project solutions, to improve and monitor the quality of the products.
Finally, Electrolux Professional will collaborate in industrial exploitation activities and in the business strategy definition.