bocThe BOC Group, founded in 1995 as a spin-off of the University of Vienna, is an internationally leading manufacturer of software tools for globally recognised management approaches. Complemented by a vast service offering, BOC Group implements its management strategy and create value for client’s business and IT.

boc-managementThe main business field and its origin is Business Process Management with the toolkit ADONIS®. Today BOC offers commercial modelling tools for strategy management (ADOscore®), business process management (ADONIS®), logistics (ADOlog®) and IT-infrastructure and IT-architecture management (ADOit®).
Since the fundation, BOC has a tight cooperation with the University of Vienna mainly in the field of business process engineering and knowledge engineering covering aspects such as modelling, meta-modelling, semantics, agents and knowledge management.

Starting from the headquarters in Vienna and additional companies in Germany, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Poland, Switzerland and France, the BOC Group operates worldwide.
Cultural and intellectual diversity, openness for new things and the continuous urge to excel has brought the Group to where it is today: a technological leader as well as method and domain expert.

Role in the GO0DMAN project

BOC is developing a Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) management environment proposing a model based approach to design, analyse, simulate and configure the ZDM environment.
As a well-known knowledge management consultant, BOC applies modelling as an instrument for human and machine knowledge processing.

Wilfrid Utz
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