The GO0D MAN consortium is composed by 9 partners with different competences and experiences.

Two Universities and one Research Centre with expertise in multi-agent systems, industrial automation, control systems, measurement techniques and signal processing for quality control:

Three industrial technology providers with experience in the development of advanced IT solutions for real time big data processing, automatic systems for on-line quality control and modelling tools for decision makers:

Three industrial end-users with many plants all over Europe, representatives of different multi-stage production systems in Europe:

  • Electrolux Professional (Italy)
    Professional kitchen equipment
    Production of customized products, highly flexible manual and semi-automatic assembly.
  • Volkswagen Autoeuropa (Portugal)
    OEM, car production
    Serial production, manual and semi-automatic assembly
  • Zannini (Italy)
    Turned metal components
    Batch production, high precision multi stage machining operations