Jul 12

Two new deliverables submitted

We are at 10th month of our GO0D MAN project and other two deliverables have been submitted, result of the hard work of the consortium.
At the end of April 2017, Deliverable 1.2 “ZDM Management Methodology” has been presented by the consortium. It’s a public document reporting the methodology that is going to be applied on the three industrial use cases, in order to implement the Zero Defect Manufacturing strategy. This deliverable will be the baseline for the GO0D MAN approach realization.
Since three work packages are running simultaneously, also Deliverable 4.1 “Data and Management Environment Specification” has been submitted on May. In this deliverable, an illustration of the environment architecture has been provided, describing data analytics applications and presenting knowledge management tools for decision making process. The document collects also the industrial use cases requirements transformed into specification of software tools and analysed from a conceptual and technological point of view.

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