Feb 21

G3F at work in the production line of VWAE


On February 4 – 5 2019, the G3F device (Intelligent Gap & Flush hand-held inspection tool) developed by UNIVPM was installed in VWAE’s plant. The tool has now an improved portability and a user-friendly interface to ease the operators in its use.

During the first day, the UNIVPM’s team has been engaged in preliminary tests to verify the whole functionality of the device in the line. Communication between G3F and MAS (Multi Agent System), which is currently running in a dedicated server, has been checked together with IPB.

On the second day, UNIVPM’s team and VWAE’s technicians had a meeting to discuss about the use of G3F along the assembly line during the next months. Some operators from the line have been trained to correctly use the device and now they will start providing the GO0D MAN architecture with measured data of the T-ROC cars.

Look forward to seeing the results!

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