Oct 12

FIVE new deliverables submitted!


On September 2018 five important deliverables has been submitted:

Deliverable 3.3 “Prototypes of smart on-line inspection systems resumes the main characteristics of the Quality Control Systems (QCS) developed (7 prototypes, divided among the 3 industrial use cases), and provides some results related to their validation.

Deliverable 4.3 “ZDM Big Data Analytics Environment describes the new architecture for ZDM Data Analytics Environment which enables an easier deployment in industrial environment and permits to break the silos of “stages” horizontally enabling an integrated, multi-stages analysis of the collected data.

Deliverable 4.4 ZDM Data and Management Environment Interfaces summarizes, as explanatory notes, the ZDM Knowledge Management (KM) prototype and its extensions: Quality Dashboards and Quality Improvement Rules, interaction with Data Analytics Environment, Quality KPIs and Quality Rules, ZDM Human/Organisational Rules, ZDM Automated Rules.

Deliverable 9.2 Innovation Shop is a marketplace spanning the value network from end users, production line producers, technology provider and researchers offering products, services and contents developed in the GO0D MAN project. The GO0D MAN Innovation Shop is accessible online at the following link: https://go0dman.boc-group.eu/innovationshop/.

Deliverable 11.2 Second management report describes the activities of the second year of the project: the first four technical Work Packages are all successfully completed, while the Work Packages related to integration, deployement and validation in the three end-user scenarios are running as scheduled. Also exploitation, dissemination and project management have no major deviations.

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