Mar 15

First two deliverables submitted: Industrial ZDM requirements and Communication

At the end of January, the GO0DMAN consortium presented its first Deliverable 10.1 “GO0D MAN project presentation” that reports the dissemination activities performed in the first four months, particularly related to visual identity, project website and reserved area design and implementation. These first results are key factors to enable the consortium partners to communicate the project in each country and to their contacts, along with the need fulfilled to address the communication to different stakeholders.

Then also, the first technical deliverable D1.1 “Industrial ZDM requirements” has been submitted. It collects information about end users and defines the industrial requirements to meet at the end of the project.
This deliverable will guide the technology providers during the development of the GO0D MAN solution, defining the methodology chosen to represent actual end users’ scenarios, production lines, faced problems and quality inspection tools.

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