Jul 13

Our Zero Defect Manufacturing concept on “Automazione Industriale”

Automazione IndustrialeIn March 2017, the Italian magazine “Automazione Industriale” reports a news on the zero defect manufacturing concept developed in the contest of the GO0DMAN project.
“Automazione Industriale” focuses on technical insights and application examples in the major sectors concerning industrial automation.

The article, published by the jounalist Massimiliano Luce, talks about the value raising from the collaboration among different European industries and Universities in developing a manufacturing strategy able to guarantee top quality in both products and production.
Measurement systems, self-adaptation and Big Data are the main keywords able to drive the project directly inside the Industry 4.0 concept.
For the manufacturing system world it is no longer conceivable to perform quality controls at the end of production line and the GO0DMAN project will make possible to design and implement a framewok that can be replicated in different sectors and kinds of production. This means that the GO0DMAN project is more reality than research.

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