Dec 20

Automazione Oggi writes about the future of manufacturing.

Automazione Oggi, November-December 2016

Automazione Oggi is a monthly magazine dedicated to industrial automation and related technologies, solutions and products.

It caters to the corporate technical directors, designers, system integrators, manufacturers, users of machinery and equipment, managers and production technicians, IT managers and heads of quality control in manufacturing and utilities.

A focus on two EU research projects, GO0D MAN and Da.Re., both coordinated by Loccioni is made in the article published by the magazine. The two projects, under different aspects, are bearers of the new approach to the work promoted by the Industry 4.0 revolution.

The GO0D MAN project refers to the manufacturing system and aims to create the Factory of the future, managing the production in an advanced way, in order to design an efficient and zero defects manufacturing process. Besides, the other project mentioned in the article, Da.Re., is preparing the educational pathway to train professionals capable of transforming huge datasets into significant information, opening up countless possibilities for employment in the manufacturing system.

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