Dec 22

2016 ends with an article on L’Impresa magazine

L’impresa, 12/2016

L’Impresa is the monthly magazine of management of Il Sole 24 ORE newspaper and is primarily aimed at business owners, executives, business managers, professionals, consultants and scholars of management, as well as to university professors and students. With the contributions of all major labels at national and international level, updates and reflects on the trends in enterprise management from different points of view.

In the number published in December 2016, L’Impresa dedicates a three-page article related to Industry 4.0 and Big Data strategies.

Cristina Cristalli, Innovation Director in Loccioni and GO0D MAN project coordinator, explains how the strong research network built along the years has lead to the creation of a valuable Consortium, with a wide expertise in multi-stage production technologies and smart inspection tools. A know-how supported by the experience owned in other FP7 research projects as Grace, Ideas and Self-Learning.
The final objective of the GO0D MAN project is presented in the article and Cristina Cristalli explains how much is important to develop a production strategy that can guarantee high quality of products without interfering, actually improving, the production efficiency of the entire system.

In the same article, Riccardo Paci, Funding Manager and Administration Manager of EU research projects in Loccioni, talks about Da.Re., a research project aimed to re-imagine education pathways in Data Science, where Loccioni is Coordinator, as well as in GO0D MAN.

Two different projects linked each other by Big Data: while the newest policies of industrial production management drive towards a huge use of Big Data, on the other side Higher Education Institutions are not ready to train suitable professionals, feeding a lack that is no more sustainable for enterprises.

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