Feb 8

Technical meeting: Italian Milestone for GO0DMAN

Go0dman meeting

Just before the coordination meeting that will take place in Brussels on March 2018, a technical meeting was organized by Università Politecnica delle Marche and Zannini S.p.a to show the progress of the project.

On the first day, Wednesday31st January, UNIVPM guested the meeting in its premises and during the morning all the technical discussions have been faced. All the partners had the possibility to exchange interesting points of view about each work package and the topics dealt with till now. In particular, since WP1 “Specification of ZDM Strategies” is finished, the GO0DMAN ZDM methodology has been approved, validated and discussed in order to disseminate it in an easy and impressive way and to apply it to GO0DMAN industrial scenarios.

WP2 “Develop Multi-Agent Based CPS for ZDM” is finishing on March, so several results are already available. The Multi-Agent System is well defined inside the GO0DMAN general architecture and IPB is working to deploy it on the three different end users. Besides, in order to connect Smart Inspection Tools, Multi-Agent System, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management, a common structure is needed, this issue has been faced building a general Data Model. Much more details can be found in Deliverable 2.2, named “Ontology Definition” and submitted on January.

UNIVPM also presented the different prototypes that they are in charge to develop for all the three industrial end users, but the occasion was very fruitful also to visit university laboratories and to touch this interesting work by hands, with demos on the Smart Inspection Tools (WP3).

BOC and Nissatech illustrated the status progress of WP4 “Develop Data and Knowledge Management Tool for ZDM”, describing how Data Analytics and Knowledge Management will be integrated and implemented in the whole GO0DMAN architecture.

Besides a GO0DMAN demonstrator is being developed based on a Motor Testbed present in IPB, to show and simulate a Multi-stage production with agents running on the stations and their integration with the Knowledge Management tool. Also for this demo, more details are described in Deliverable 1.3 “ZDM Management Strategies and Rules”.

During the second day, the consortium moved to Zannini S.p.a. to continue working on the other running WPs (WP9 “Exploitation, Training and Impact Analysis”, WP10 “Dissemination and Standardization” and WP11 “Project Coordination and Management”). Besides, a tour of the Zannini shop floor was very important to see the production environment on which the GO0DMAN tools will be integrated, but also to better understand the Operational and Information Technology infrastructure of the company.

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