Mar 21

GO0D MAN is six months old!

Meeting Vienna 3.2017


All the partners of the project met during the first plenary meeting at the beginning of March, in Wien, at BOC premises.
During the meeting, all the preliminary results have been presented, focusing on the contents of the two deliverables already submitted; in such a way the whole consortium shared the details of the work done in these first six months.
The meeting was also the occasion to discuss the next actions to be developed. We also had a particular guest: Professor Jianjun Shi from Georgia Institute of Technology (US), one of the two External Advisory Board, whose presence was very helpful in providing feedbacks and in sharing with us his research projects.

From a technical point of view, the leaders of the running work packages presented the specific achievements reached so far and the plans for the next developments.

UNINOVA illustrated contents of the submitted Deliverable 1.1, together with end users who summarized industrial requirements for the project. UNINOVA also described actions for next tasks, related to the ZDM methodology definition, of the work package (WP) 1.

IPB showed the progress made for the Multi-Agent GO0D MAN architecture delineation, in WP 2 context, describing the different type of agents they will use for the three different end users. Università Politecnica delle Marche and Loccioni introduced all the smart online inspection tools they will implement in the demonstrator production lines.

BOC and Nissatech, responsible of WP 4, reported results of their interaction with Electrolux Professional, Zannini and Volkswagen Autoeuropa in order to define Data Knowledge Management strategies and Big Data analytics tools.

BOC is also in charge of WP 9, devoted to the exploitation of the technical results, so they described an initial Business Model approach, while IPB and Loccioni, in WP 10 context, showed respectively future plans for dissemination aspects and communication activities results.

The next Face2Face meeting will be in September at IPB (Bragança) to celebrate GO0D MAN first year with other significant and important results. Before that date, other steps will be faced in next months, so other news will follow, don’t miss them following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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