Jan 26

Multi-agent, smart inspection tools and data analytics land in Lisbon

Meeting Lisbon
Since 1st December 2016, the main technical activities expected by the project workplan have been running and at the end of January in Lisbon there was the occasion to held the kick off meeting for the Work Package 2, “Distributed multi-agent infrastructure to integrate process and quality controls in a multi-stage production”, for the Work Package 3, “New smart on-line inspection tools for monitoring processes and products quality” and for the Work Package 4, “Data-analytics-driven approach for ZDM”.

In particular, IPB presented its vision about the multi-agent architecture, based on the GRACE project results. The key aspect is to understand which agents need to be implemented to take local and global decisions in the whole production process.

Università Politecnica delle Marche focused on the development of smart online inspection tools for the three end users and the occasion was very fruitful to discuss the Volkswagen Autoeuropa industrial case in details, since we were in Portugal. BOC and Nissatech are analyzing respectively production processes and available data up to now and they will interact continuously with the three end users to collect information useful for the Data Knowledge Management and for Big Data Analysis.

We are working hard together to reach a GO0D MAN common goal, don’t miss to follow next news…the appointment is for the Half Year Coordination meeting in Wien, in March!

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