Jul 27

M22 coordination meeting in Porto


On the 18th of July in Porto (Portugal), where the INDIN conference was taking place, a new coordination meeting was done by the GO0D MAN partners.

After the project overview given by the coordinator, the other participants presented an update of all the running WP. WP3 (Smart Online Inspection Tools) and WP4 (Data and Knowledge Management Tools) are going to be completed on September and showed really important results. WP5 (integration) and WP6, WP7 and WP8 (end-users scenarios) are in full development and will get a central role from now on. WP9 (exploitation), WP10 (dissemination) and WP11 (management) are running from the start of the project, but in this second part of the project an additional effort is required for effectively exploit and disseminate the results.

At the end of the meeting we welcomed two representatives of other projects currently running in the 4ZDM cluster: ZAER0 and STREAM-0D. It was a really good occasion for sharing approaches, results and finding possible synergies.


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