Oct 16

Kick-off meeting for the ZDM-Subplatform under MANUFUTURE

On October 5th in Bruxelles GO0DMAN project was presented in occasion of the kick-off of the ZDM Subplatform of Manufuture. GO0DMAN has been the only project presented and the speech focused on the application case of Zannini.

The 4ZDM (Zero Defect Manufacturing) is a cluster that, since 2011, has cooperated and make different joint arrangement and exploitation possibilities between the Projects involved. 4ZDM currently represent 9 FoF Projects, with partners (end-users, technology providers and Universities) from 11 countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom). Recently, the cluster has expanded with 5 new FoF Projects, including GO0DMAN. The other projects are ForZDMZAer0Stream 0D and ZFact0r.

During the event, a lot of interesting speeches have focused on different aspects of the Zero Defect Manufacturing world. Here you can find a summary about the most compelling interventions.


A. Junai (EU Support consultant – responsible for all subplatform of Manufuture) explained that the new ZDM-subplatform, one of the eight sub-platforms of Manufuture, has the bbjective of promoting and supporting ZDM in manufacturing, and of bringing this topic to evidence in Manufuture and also towards EFFRA. The Membership to the Sub-platform is open and free, on a volunteer basis.

J. Arrieta (IK4 IDEKO) provided an overview of the relevance of ZDM in today’s manufacturing, stressing on the importance to promote the culture on ZDM and the difference between the ZDM subplatform and the 4ZDM cluster: the first is open to anyone, the second is restricted only to partners of EU projects running on ZDM.

ZDM presentation from different industrial sectors

L. Andersen (GKN Norway – Manufacuring for aerospace) stressed the need for high quality manufacturing, to compensate for the high labour costs in Norway. Process efficiency and efficacy are therefore crucial, and ZDM seems the way to go.

J. Bilbatua (Mondragon España – Machine tools) brought to evidence that once machine tool producers were producing single machines, today they are producing complete lines including several machines, tomorrow they will provide services for producing. Therefore they are being more and more involved in integrated product/process design, and ZDM is a strategy to achieve that.

C. Vo (Curida Norway – Pharmaceutical) said that the future in western countries is personalized medicine (i.e. medicaments prepared in small batches, tailored to small groups of patients). In order to achieve this, also pharmaceutical plants should exploit ZDM strategies effectively.

J. Post (Philips Netherlands -Manufacturing of shavers’ rotating blades is high volume production with high accuracy): the process requires accurate modelling and they are investing into process modelling  (“digital twins”) which could provide predictions at a higher sampling rate than data measured from quality control on samples. Again all this in the perspective of ZDM. He also mentioned difficulties in comparing experimental data to computed values (different spatial densities, different sampling rates, different resolution, …).

M. Colledani (POLIMI Italy -University) focused on the several factors that are retarding uptake of Industry 4.0 technologies from SMEs (economical, cultural, technological). It is also difficult from newcomers to identify which solutions should be implemented: i.e. all the projects of 4ZDM cluster are developing platforms (architectures) to support data collection, data analysis, at local and global level. Even if all solutions are similar, nevertheless they are not unique.

Finally, G. Winroth (EU Officer) presented next Calls for 2018-2020, that includes several calls for ZDM. The one on Quality control on 2020 is still to be defined.


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