Jul 27

Integration started in Volkswagen Autoeuropa


On the 17th of July, the GO0D MAN consortium was engaged in a technical meeting at VWAE premises. The main objective of the meeting was to start the deployment and the integration of the tools developed in the technical work packages into this end-user scenario.

During the meeting, a new prototype of the G3F (intelligent Gap & Flush hand-held inspection tool) was presented: its design, based on a smartphone, makes it possible to reduce the size of the device and increase itsportability.

MAS (Multi Agent System) and KM (Knowledge Management) were actually installed on the VWAE IT infrastructure and communication tests have been successfully completed in both the directions: from MAS to KM (data) and from KM to MAS (rules).

DA (Data Analytics) will be installed soon thanks to the remote access provided by VWAE.

The meeting was very fruitful and important in preparation of the “real” deployment that is going to start in October 2018.

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