Mar 2

Industry 4.0 – Digital Economy

Industria40-300x149Volkswagen Autoeuropa and more than 200 companies from Automotive, Tourism, Food and Textile sectors participated in the event promoted by the Portuguese Government under the scope of Industry 4.0 – Digital Economy.

On January 30th, 2017, in the premises of  Leiria Polytechnic, the Portoguese Prime Minister António Costa, presided over the presentation of the event “Indústria 4.0 – Economia Digital“, focused on real demonstration of “Industry 4.0” paradigm in its different aspects.

Volkswagen booth1Companies and Institutions showed the best of their projects about technology, robotics, electronics and digital innovation. In particular, all the projects focused on the impact of the new technologies in the production process. How to develop robotics, and how do Internet of Things (IoT) will connect customers, producers and suppliers in the Factory of the Future.

Volkswagen Autoeuropa presented to the Portuguese Prime Minister some examples of the way towards the factory of the future. The GO0D MAN project was one of those examples along with the new logistics inbound Systems, collaborative robots and use of 3D printers in automotive production process.

Volkswagen booth

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