Sep 29

Here are the results of the first year of the project

go0dman consortium partners
The GO0DMAN consortium partners

The GO0D MAN project has reached its 12 months of execution with a general meeting in Bragança, at IPB premises.

During the meeting, the developed work during this time has been presented by all the partners, particularly by the work packages leaders and the task leaders.

Uninova presented the work developed for the last task of work package 1, presenting the selected approach and results for the rule service to be use throughout the project.

IPB presented the work developed concerning the multi-agent systems (MAS), particularly the agents design and specification, the relation of the MAS with the other GO0D MAN building blocks.

The developments of the smart-online inspections tools, to be used in the three use cases, was presented by UNIVPM and Loccioni.

BOC Group and Nissatech presented the knowledge management and the data analytics approach to be applied in the project.

BOC Group also presented the exploitation model while dissemination, communication and community building activities were presented by IPB, Loccioni and Uninova, focusing not only on the achieved KPIs but also in the preparation for the year to come.

The three end users provided the latest description of their shop-floors use cases.

Finally, the meeting ended by the presentation of a small scale GO0DMAN test bed, where the first technical developments were shown in an operative manner.

But it is now, that the best is starting: in the next months we are going to implement and integrate in the end-users production lines the solutions and the tools developed in this first year. Don’t miss the next updates!

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