Apr 19

GO0DMAN competes for the Innovation 4.0 Award


79, Seventy-nine.

This is the number of projects that compete, along with GO0DMAN, for the Premio Innovazione 4.0 (Innovation 4.0 Award) in the contest of A&T, the International trade fair for the manufacturing industry.
Held in Turin, on May 3-5 2017, A&T is the reference exhibition event in Italy for Robotics and Tests and Measurements, meant for manufacturing industries, system integrators, research centers.

From measurements to additive manufacturing, from industrial robotics to IoT, from production to maintenance, from testing to certifications, the projects presented cover the entire Industry 4.0 context.
We are presenting the GO0DMAN project (here the application) on Thursday, 4th, during the “4.0 Production Process” session, from 10am to 12.15pm.
Along with the evaluation of the scientific committee and the technology board, the projects are also subjected to the vote of audience.

You can vote GO0DMAN as your favourite 4.0 project leaving your LIKE here.

The award ceremony dedicated to companies, start-ups and ITS, will take place on May 5th, 10.30am-11.30am in the Robotic World Point.

Which will be the best project? We are working to make GO0DMAN great; definitely a victory will give us even more energy and a defeat will be nothing but an incentive to do even more.

Stay connected with us on Twitter and Facebook to discover the winner of the ‘Innovation 4.0 award’ in real time. And remember to vote your favourite project (that is GO0DMAN, isn’t it?!)

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