Dec 17

GO0D MAN Smart Inspection Tools (SIT) integration in Electrolux Professional (ELUX)


On the 11th and 12th of December, people from Loccioni and UNIVPM were engaged in a technical meeting at ELUX factory in Pordenone (Italy). The main goal of the meeting was to test the integration in the ELUX production environment of two of the SITs of GO0D MAN: the Visual Check and the SealScan (G3F).

Thanks also to the remote help of José from IPB (Portugal), the integration of the two SITs was successful. Both, in fact, are now able to communicate using the OPC-UA protocol and the GO0D MAN data model with the Multi-Agent System (MAS). Moreover, for the SealScan (G3F) the Wi-Fi connection has been tested from the assembly line, while for the vision sensor the transfer of the acquired image has been verified.

These first integration results are really encouraging for the final deployment that will be done by the end of April 2019!

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