May 18

Factories of the Future Community Day

Factories of the Future Community Day is the meeting organized by EFFRA with the aim of networking all the projects related to the contractual PPP Factories of the Future-FoF.
The event took place on May 16th, 2017 at Blue Point in Bruxelles and GO0DMAN was one of the projects involved.

The morning session was a review of completed projects EURECAP, CORONA, DAEDALUS, DISRUPT. Among the several presentations of success stories, EFFRA brought to evidence the on-going Coordination and Support Action (CSA) “Connected Factories” which could provide opportunities for networking also to non-members.

2017_05_16 EFFRA FoF Day

In the afternoon specific 2 hours session was planned for the presentation of the past and on-going projects related to Zero-Defect Manufacturing, coordinated by Januan Arrieta from IK4 IDEKO.

Within this session, a presentation of GO0DMAN has been done by Prof. Nicola Paone, UNIVPM. The project appears ambitious and fully focused to the goals of the Call. Interest was raised about pros and cons of proposing a multi-agent architecture rather than a classical hierarchical approach to factory automation.

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