Mar 11

Coordination Meeting and Deployment in Zannini Poland


Last week, from the 5th of March to the 7th of March, the GO0D MAN team was hosted in Zannini Poland located in Czeladź, near Katowice. On the first day, despite it was the Carnival day and the atmosphere was a bit playful (see the picture), there was an important coordination meeting. We are at month 30 and only 6 months are remaining before the end of the project. Use cases implementation and validation are now the main activities to be pursued together with dissemination and the exploitation.

On the second and third days the deployment of the GO0D MAN solutions in the Zannini Poland production environment was tackled: two newly developed Smart Inspection Tools (OptiBORE and BIT) have been installed and integrated in the turning and honing stations; Multi-Agent System (MAS), Data Analytics and Knowledge Management environments have been successfully integrated in the IT infrastructure of the factory.

Thanks to the commitment of all the team, now the deployment in Zannini Poland is almost complete: quality and process data are collected from different stages of the production and can be analyzed and monitored to minimize the defects. Future steps are devoted to complete the OptiBORE integration and to customize the Data Analytics algorithms and Knowledge Management views.

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