Jun 7

Other TWO Deliverables for GO0D MAN


On May 2018 two important deliverables has been submitted.

Deliverable 3.1 “Quality inspection systems describes the development and prototyping of the Smart Inspection Tools (SIT) designed to exhibit real-time adaptive behaviors, data pre-processing, self-diagnosis and self-calibration. Deliverable 3.1 is focused mainly on the hardware of each system, while the software part, as well the smartness, are dealt in the following Deliverables 3.2 and 3.3. The results achieved have gone beyond the minimum requirements set by the DoA; in fact, a total of 8 smart inspection systems have been developed, in particular 1 for the use case of WVAE (portable device for gap & flush), 2 for the use case of ZAN (internal bore geometry, burs detection) and 4 for the use case of ELUX (detection of leaks, gap & flush, motor/fan noise, presence and correct assembly of parts).

Deliverable 4.2 ZDM Data and Management Environment Implementation summarizes, as explanatory notes, the results of T4.2 “Developing ZDM Knowledge Management Tool”. The components realized in the context of T4.2 are provided as a proof-of-concept implementation of the ZDM Knowledge Management Tool that enables the following capabilities:

  • Receive data streams from operational systems on the shop floor as well as management systems at the production site,
  • Integrate and aggregate/compose these data streams into information artefacts that can be visualized in the form of dashboards, reports and ad-hoc queries, that are interpretable by domain experts,
  • Trigger intervention actions using smart rules that detect the context of issues, perform reasoning and to support the decision-making process in using extendible knowledge action, and
  • Structure the continuous improvement process systematically according to industry standards and best practices.

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