Oct 31

New deliverables submitted

September was a very significant month for GO0DMAN. One year of the project has gone and other three deliverables have been submitted.

Workpackage 1 finished with the submission of Deliverable 1.3 “ZDM Management Strategies and Rules” that shows a demonstrator to present GO0DMAN approach, involving all the components of the architecture: MAS, data analytics and knowledge management. This contents were presented during the plenary meeting held in Bragança.
Multi agents Code.jpg

Also Deliverable 2.1 “Multi-agent architecture specification” has been presented, focusing on the instantiation of the Multi Agent System architecture for all the three industrial scenarios. All the types of agent have been explained in details, together with an analysis of the compliance of GO0DMAN MAS CPS according to Industry 4.0 principles.

The third deliverable submitted is Deliverable 11.1 “First Management Report”, related to the status of the project. It is a report that briefly shows all the achievements so far, the reached KPIs during this first year and that illustrates (if present) any deviations from foreseen actions for each work package.

Discover here the entire list of Deliverables submitted.

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